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Joy Fellowship Church is now Hometown Church in the Mid Cities!

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

On Sunday, June 18, 2023, Senior Pastors Dave and Joyce Thilges announced their plans for changing the name of their church from Joy Fellowship Church to Hometown Church. More changes were also announced, which included a complete rebrand with an all-new modern farmhouse look for the future church building. They also announced other plans of moving out of the current building and temporarily relocating to a 100-person tent. The Senior Pastors plan to move the church somewhere in the Mid Cities area. If you're reading this blog, you've likely been made aware of the announcement. The next steps for the church include slowly moving everything out of the building and finishing by the end of July, and much assistance will be needed for this. To RSVP for a time to help, go to News & Events > Event Sign Up, and then click on the RSVP button under Church Move Out.

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