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Celebrating Community: Februrary Church Recap

Dear Hometown Church Family,

It's been a vibrant and eventful time at Hometown Church, filled with fellowship, laughter, and celebrations. As we reflect on the past few weeks, we're reminded of the beautiful bonds we share as a community and the joy that comes from these bonds. Here's a recap of some memorable moments from this past month:

Men's Breakfast

On March 3rd, our Hometown Church men gathered bright and early for a hearty breakfast and rich fellowship. The aroma of sizzling bacon and freshly brewed coffee filled the air as brothers in faith shared stories, laughter, and encouragement. It was a wonderful opportunity for our men to connect, strengthen friendships, and deepen their walk with the Lord.

The Men's Breakfast wasn't just about good food; it was about nurturing relationships and building a support network within our community. As iron sharpens iron, so too did our brothers sharpen one another in faith and fellowship.

Couples Night Out at Nikki's Italian Bistro

Love was in the air on our Couples Night Out at Nikki's Italian Bistro! On a cozy evening, Hometown Church couples gathered for an evening of delectable cuisine and heartfelt conversations. Against the backdrop of soft lights and the ambiance of the piano, our couples celebrated the gift of companionship and the beauty of marriage.

The event was a testament to the importance of investing in our relationships and carving out time for romance amidst life's busyness. As couples laughed, toasted, and sang the night away, it was evident that love truly does flourish in the presence of community and shared experiences.

Celebrating Senior Pastor Joyce Thilges's Birthday

Last but certainly not least, we had the joy of celebrating the birthday of our beloved Senior Pastor, Joyce Thilges. Pastor Joyce's unwavering dedication, wisdom, and compassionate heart have touched countless lives within our congregation and beyond. Her leadership is a guiding light, and her love for God and His people is truly inspiring.

The celebration was a heartfelt expression of gratitude and love for Pastor Joyce. From heartfelt messages and warm hugs to a beautiful cake, the occasion was a reflection of the profound impact she has made on our church family. As we celebrated another year of her life, we also celebrated the blessings she brings to us each and every day.

In summary, these recent events at Hometown Church have been a beautiful reminder of the strength and beauty of our community. Whether gathering for fellowship, sharing meals together, or celebrating milestones, we are reminded that we are not just a congregation but a family united in faith and love.

As we look ahead, may we continue to cherish these moments, cultivate deeper connections, and grow together in God's grace.

With blessings,


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