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Below, you'll find a few of our biggest ministries and services at Hometown Church. Click on them to learn more information about each one.

Men's Ministry: Men of Valor

Women's Ministry: Women of Virtue

Children's Ministry: Kingdom Tots/Kids/Walkers

Singles Ministry

Worship Team

Marketing Team

Media Team

White Wall


Greeter and Usher Team


The Greeter and Usher Team consists of smiling and friendly members who provide warm greetings and information to guests and other members as they enter the sanctuary for worship service.  They assist worshippers in locating seating, receiving tithes and offerings, receiving guest and prayer request cards, distributing communion elements, and maintaining order in the church.



The Newcomers Ministry provides assistance and support to help new members connect into the Hometown Church family through New Member Orientation, maintaining contact regarding their well-being, demonstrating the love of Jesus toward them, answering their questions, and informing them of available church and ministry resources as may be needed.

Congregational Care


The Congregational Care team works alongside the Senior Pastors or as an extension of them to attend to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of members of the congregation. These needs may include hospital / medical care facility visits, meals for affected members and their families, or other types of support.


NOTE:  Training is required for team members who visit hospitals or care facilities.

Special Events Team


The Special Events Ministry is responsible for the scheduling, coordination, planning, design, and set-up of special events such as weddings, funerals, baby showers, etc. as requested by a church member, the family of a church member, or external organization that involve the use of church facilities and/or participation services.

Altar & Prayer Ministry

The Altar & Prayer team is composed of people assigned by the Senior Pastor to either pray for or to assist the Senior Pastors as they minister to those who come to the altar for prayer after Sunday service.

Facilities Team

Facilities Coordinator and Team oversees the maintenance and repair of equipment, lighting, and systems of the church building.

Maintenance Team


The Church Maintenance team prepares the church for Sunday morning service with housekeeping and other assignments and on first Sundays, preparing the communion elements for the usher.  Church maintenance also carries out responsibilities to close and secure the church after service is completed.

Coffee House Worship Team

Coffee House Worship is an intimate coffee house setting while we worship the Lord through songs, scriptures, and prayers as the Lord pours out to us through prophecy, healing, deliverance and more!  

Sentry (Security) Team

The Sentry Ministry ensures the peace, safety, and security within the church for all who come to worship. 

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry is responsible for the coordination, planning, design, and set-up of the menu and food service for church events and coordinating the clean-up after the event is completed.  This ministry strives to organize food service for celebrations that foster growth and fellowship among members and guests of Hometown Church.

Deliverance Team

The Deliverance Team works closely with either of the Senior Pastors to serve as either Facilitators or Intercessors during deliverance sessions.  Completion of the JFMI College of Ministry course “Sanctified Freedom” is required.

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry has an evangelistic mission to give the salvation message of Jesus Christ to people at various public locations.

Intercessory Prayer Team

We are more than conquerors through Christ, and each Wednesday at 7:00pm, except the last Wednesday of the month, is when we come together for Coffee House Worship.  We come to God on behalf of others, seeking not only to know God’s will and see it fulfilled, but to see it fulfilled whether or not it benefits us and regardless of what it costs us. True intercessory prayer seeks God’s glory, not our own. 

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Ministry provides assistance and support to the Senior Pastors and the Senior Pastoral family in whatever needs arise, to serve the congregation as an extension of the Senior Pastors as they might request, and to coordinate events for the church’s celebration of the Senior Pastors on special occasions such as their birthdays and holidays. 

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