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On this sacred Christmas Eve, we come together to illuminate the essence of the season – love. At the heart of the holiday narrative lies the extraordinary story of Jesus' birth, a testament to the boundless love of the divine. As we gather in celebration, let us internalize this profound message, recognizing that love is the very fabric of the Christmas story. It is a call to emulate the selfless love exemplified by the Holy Family, extending beyond familial bonds to embrace the broader human family. In the warmth of this festive season, may our hearts be open to love's transformative power, allowing it to mend divisions and foster unity. As we exchange gifts, let us remember that the most enduring gift we can give is the gift of love, a sentiment that transcends material possessions and endures through time. In extending love to both known and unknown faces, we embody the true spirit of Christmas, becoming conduits of divine grace in a world yearning for compassion. This Christmas Eve, let love be our guiding star, leading us to a more harmonious and connected world.



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